What is Power in Cooperation?

Energy is part of everything we do. It fuels our industries, heats our homes, runs our cars, powers our devices, shapes our economy, impacts our environment and, at times, influences our politics. No one company, special interest, political party or individual could claim they have all the answers to the questions surrounding energy issues. But we believe cooperation starts with information.

As the United States works to define its energy future, we believe that oil and natural gas will continue to play a critical part. The abundant supply of American resources can help meet energy needs for several generations to come.

We are committed to doing our part. We understand the importance of addressing industry challenges with the best solutions we have available today, while continuing to work for better ones down the road. We recognize there are a variety of viewpoints, and we will continue to work with leaders and other stakeholders to help address our future energy needs.

We hope you will too.



Oil and natural gas serve as the building blocks for thousands of products that we use every day.

In Your Life

America’s oil and natural gas resources are valuable assets that are benefiting communities in many ways.

Good for America

A strong economy preserves and creates jobs and ensures quality of life.


Advances in technology are allowing us to discover and develop abundant supplies of oil and natural gas across America.